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Cedar Smoke

  • $ 1999

Part of Cedar's glasswork design catalog, this 4" hand blown glass pipe has a distinctive pink and blue color scheme. Each pipe is handmade and therefore each one is unique in size and shape. A beautiful high quality glass pipe.

  • Length: 4''
  • Handmade Glass Pipe
  • High Grade Glass
  • Thick and Heavy Glass
Glass pipes are smoking devices used with tobacco and made of treated glass. They have gained popularity among modern smokers for the purer flavor of the smoke, the various shapes, and styles that impart different smoking experiences, and the beauty of the glasswork itself. Each pipe is handmade, often working from hot glass with various blowing or sculpting techniques, but sometimes from cold glass that is cut and polished like gemstones. The glass can also be treated and detailed, such as by rolling the hot glass in colored glass powder or passing metal vapors through it.

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