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Cedar Smoke

  • $ 4499

From Cedar's Native Collection, this 14" wooden hand-pipe has Native American design features.

A wooden pipe brings a few unique elements to your smoking experience. Not only does it add a bit of class and sophistication to your smoking setup, it also has its own effect on your smoking experience.

Wooden pipes impart a certain earthy aroma as the smoke is drawn through the wood. Because the wooden bowl can sometimes burn slightly, wooden pipes add a gentle flavoring to your smoking material. This smooth, natural flavor is sought after by wooden pipe aficionados.

How to Use a Cool Wooden Pipe for Smoking
Using a wooden pipe doesn’t require any special techniques. Just cut up your herb into a loose bundle and pack it into your bowl as you would any other pipe. Light the bowl, inhale, and enjoy!

Why Doesn’t a Wooden Pipe Burn?
Smoking out of wood might seem like a pretty bad idea. After all, it’s wood! It’s literally what fires are made from. However, your wooden pipe isn’t at any risk of bursting into flame during normal smoking. Despite that, the truth is that wooden pipes do burn. But they burn very little and very slowly.

Since our wooden pipes are made using high quality hardwoods, they don’t conduct or retain much heat. While they do burn gradually and wear out the pipe, this burning adds to the aroma of your smoke and is a sought-after part of the smoking experience for many.

Eventually, after hundreds or thousands of bowls, you’ll need to retire your wooden pipe. The bowl will eventually wear down from the heat. But this is just an excuse to pick up another awesome wooden pipe!

  • Length: 14''
  • Handmade Wooden Pipe
  • Native American Features

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