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Smoking Leo

  • $ 1999

Smoking Leo has put your grinder and your rolling machine in one easy to transport case. The Leo Mini Pipe Glass Twisty Blunt Kit grinds your dry herbs for you and keeps them in a durable, reliable case. The tube, where you both grind in and smoke out of, is made with 2mm thick glass. You don't have worry about the durability of this pipe, considering its tough construction. This type of borosilicate glass is rock solid and won't break with everyday handling. Between the glass casing and the interior screw mechanism,

How It Works

The Leo Mini Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt works in a very simple fashion. The clear glass acts as your catcher, while you grind with the titanium nitride screw. Once you have loaded up the interior with your desired amount of dry herbs, you can light the herbs on the end of the hand pipe, and start to inhale. As ash builds up on the end of the pipe, twist the screw. The screw will force out the ash, and replace it with dry herbs.

This mechanism allows you to effortlessly remove ash, while continuing to smoke fresh herbs. This screw is gold-plated and is strong enough to keep grinding after many uses. The mouthpiece is attached to the titanium screw and is gold-plated as well. With this glass pipe you can either smoke it as is, or put it into an 18mm female joint and smoke it out of a bong. That's right, the Nucleus Twisty Glass Blunt even has water pipe capability. Just keep in mind, to release your ashes all you have to do is turn the screw clockwise and they will exit out the end. Furthermore, the Leo Mini Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is highly portable and works great as a gift for a friend. If you are looking for a well-designed hand pipe.

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